Vedansh Academy

Vedansh Academy

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About the company

At Vedansh, we believe learning should be an enjoyable experience where young minds feel valued and their voices are heard. The curriculum at Vedansh Academy is focused on holistic development of students to enhance problem solving capabilities and knowledge development (both as individuals and with peer interactions).

Vedansh Academy is an initiative that specializes in customised coaching for school as well as college syllabuses through audio-visual as well as hands on learning methods. Students will also be provided with enriched and relevant study materials and notes for each and every chapter in their syllabus.

The brief & The challenge

Being an educational start up with the services primarily related to science and maths coaching for undergrads, Vedansh Academy was basically looking for Local Advertising .To give the client a focussed outreach in particular locality was a major target base.

Our Touch & impact

To reach a focussed local outreach in a limited budget, AdverScribe provided Auto Advertising , which is infact one of the major means of transit Advertising.