go school


App Development

About the company

GoSchool is a Mobile Application developed to help schools manage the administrative works such as attendance, results, study materials, news about the school, teacher portfolios and many other factors from the same application. On the customers side, the app helps the users to search schools in their locality and get details about the school right from the app.

The brief & The challenge

The main challenge of the application was to create a backend where all the schools can go with registration and be ready to get started with the administrative operations without having to go through the technical experiments at all. Also the app was based on registration based access and portals and hence special care had to be taken to make sure no data overlap happens.

Our Touch & impact

AdverScribe helped GoSchool to develop a fully functional rich looking ready to go application and a backend and separate admin panels from the administrators of the app and the schools. The final product was tested with multiple schools as well as parents and the real time accessibility of the data was found to be extremely satisfactory, thus adding another feather to the cap of AdverScribe's success stories.