Enfros- Solar


About the company

Enfros - Solar

ENFROS develops, manufactures, and delivers high quality solar photovoltaic modules of various power wattages and form factors. ENFROS has set-up its first manufacturing plant at Harohalli Industrial area which happens to be an well laid out area housing several top companies such as Saint-Gobain, Forge Pro and A.O. Smith India to name a few. ENFROS was established in the year 2016 in phase 1 of the Harohalli Indiatrial Area. ENFROS is ISO 9001 certified company and has procured various certifications for product quality from various international agencies valid across the globe.

The brief & The challenge

Enfros was looking for designing a few creatives which should look through its image and at the same time add value to the brand in the customers mind.

Our Touch & impact

AdverScribe helped Enfros with design which still suit the needs of the company and is being used in the same manner forever.