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About the company

Power One Microsystems Pvt Ltd is an undisputed technology leader in power electronics in India with strong and recognized in house R&D. Power One Micro Systems (P) Ltd has also developed and manufactured many innovative and advanced products to cater the Nations defence, Power, Communication and IT Sector. To cater to the needs and expectations of ever-increasing Customers base, Power-One has strived continuously to build a strong and Quality Products line. The company has upgraded itself with the latest technology and a highly modern state- of - the - art manufacturing facility in Bangalore.

The Product range covers an entire spectrum of: Online Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) ,Solar Power Systems , Solar Power Conditioning Unit ,Line Interactive Transformer, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer , Frequency Converters.

The brief & The challenge

Power one Microsystems was looking for a traditional mode of advertising to promote their brand and also to market their brand on its 25th Anniversary. Apart from the brand promotion, the power one wanted to invite channel partners for the business expansion. The major challenge lied in creating a successful campaign with elegant creativity in Ad design and carrying a successful campaign while maintaining the 25 years of brand market.

Our Touch & impact

AdverScribe provided Power One with Newspaper Advertisement, one of the highly effective and most traditional mode of Advertising. Out of different newspaper campaign, the most successful are the ones promoting the 25 years of brand existence and the Economic Times campaign Ad for Channel Partner Invitation.